About Us

Preparing Students to Become 21st Century Learners, Workers and Citizens.

idoodlelearning, inc is a global education company that prepares students to become 21st century learners, workers and citizens by bridging the gap between digital and traditional learning.

We are a trailblazing and tenacious group of problem solvers, change agents, designers and visionaries on a quest to bring creativity and enjoyment back to teaching and learning.

Our mission is to enable students to embrace their curiosity, develop logical and methodical thought, engage in creative problem solving, and experience the joy of learning something new that ignites their imaginations and fuels their determination for success.

“Educators want support and quality training.  They want to develop technological skills and to deepen their content knowledge.  They want to gain skills and tools to help reach the diverse needs of their students.  And they want solutions that will make their challenging work a little easier. How do I know?  For fifteen years, I was a classroom educator.”  Amber Agee-DeHart, President of idoodlelearning, inc.

What We Teach

We provide rich and robust learning opportunities to educators for deepening their content knowledge while acquiring and applying best practices and instructional strategies to immediately employ in their classrooms.

With an emphasis on making connections, pattern and relationships recognition, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and communicating ideas, educators will learn about the techniques to enhance students’ thinking and to teach students how to learn. These cognitive teaching and learning approaches are grounded in several types of thinking: critical, creative, strategic, systems and design thinking which lead to the development of more affective thinkers, problem solvers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our offerings fall into the following four categories:

  • Integrative STEAM
  • Building Powerful Thinkers
  • Instructional Strategies and Techniques
  • Educational Technology

  • Our Goals for You

    The ultimate goal of our professional development experiences is for teachers to enable each and every student, no matter the educational setting or subjects taught, to become more effective and creative thinkers able to meet the future challenges of a knowledge and STEM-based global economy.

    idoodlelearning’s professional development programs are designed to have positive short-term and long-term outcomes affecting the way teachers' and students' experience education.

    Short-Term Goals

    Intended short term outcomes will directly and positively impact three focus areas for the teachers:

    • content knowledge;
    • confidence in the ability to deliver instruction;
    • feelings (affect) towards the subjects to be taught.

    Long-Term Goals

    The intended long term outcomes of our Professional Development experiences are to evoke positive changes in the teachers' classroom activities and instructional elements (content, process, product and learning environment) and thereby their students' traits (interest, learning profile, and affect) and learning behaviors.

    With every course, we conduct pre- and post-experience evaluations and deliver timely data and results.

    Want to know your return on investment (ROI)?
    Contact us if you are interested in longitudinal tracking and evaluation of educator program participation.

    About Us

    idoodlelearning is a global education company that prepares students to become 21st century learners, workers, and citizens by bridging the gap between traditional and digital learning.
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