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Integrative STE[A]M Courses

With any Integrative STE[A]M course, educators will learn to guide students to see and understand the connections between STE[A]M disciplines and the impacts to local, regional and global events in addition to the practical use of 21st century skills and knowledge in their own lives.



When kids see something that piques their interest, they want to explore it. They want to know more about it! Kids have LOTS of questions such as “What does it do? How tall is it? What’s in the box? How fast will it go? For what else can it be used?” Kids are full or wonder and curiosity.

Harness your students’ innate curiosity and ingenuity to bring to them student-centered learning opportunities to design, construct and conduct small to large scale inquiry-driven scientific exploration missions on your school campus.

From data collection and analysis to communicating mission results, this is a robust, fully integrated STEAM experience. In this workshop, educators will learn how to:

  • Implement adaptable and scalable exploration-themed, project-based learning experiences for students of any age;
  • Creatively utilize the tools and technologies readily available to them to carry out scientific exploration in designated areas of a classroom, school campus or outdoor habitat;
  • Guide students through a step-by-step process that demonstrates the interconnections between the scientific inquiry and engineering design processes.


    Who doesn’t enjoy learning about the fantastic, wild and weird aspects of environments, acts of nature, organisms? And who doesn’t like a little element of chance or a clever twist thrown in to the mix for fun?

    In this workshop, educators learn about the characteristics and environmental conditions of Earth, planets and moons within the solar system in addition to the biotic and abiotic conditions needed to support life. Teachers are challenged to collaboratively design and build organism models to meet a specific set of environmental conditions. A significant change event occurs and prototypes of enabling technologies must be designed and crafted to help organisms adapt to a new set of environmental conditions. The project-based learning experience is the perfect way to demonstrate the connections between science and technology, organisms and the environments in which they exist, and how to creatively use available resources to ensure survival.


    Technology is more than computers or apps. It’s the application of knowledge, methods, materials and tools used to invent purposeful things or to solve practical problems. Every society needs practical problem solvers and designers of ingenious solutions of which educators play a vital role in their development.

    In this workshop, educators explore the connections between invention, improvement, innovation, technology and engineering. At the heart of every engineer lies the techniques of playful tinkering, observing, analyzing, experimenting, designing, and making. Educators are given the chance to experience and learn these techniques and how to incorporate them into the classroom to create exciting ways to facilitate learning and promote the development of creativity and critical thinking in their students. Provided with challenges and problems to solve that relate to the content they teach, educators use materials in the Ingenuity Kit to design and construct imaginative and inventive solutions.


    Cubes in

    Learn the content and instructional techniques to bring this comprehensive curriculum and global Science and Engineering Design Challenge to your classrooms or schools.

    Cubes in Space™ (CiS), a global STEAM-based education program for students (ages 11-14), provides a no-cost opportunity to design and compete to launch an experiment into space. Utilizing formal or informal learning environments, students and educators will be exposed to engaging content and activities in preparation for the design and development of an experimental payload to be integrated into a small, plastic cube. These cubes will be launched via sounding rocket from NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, VA in late June. Leveraging the excitement of space exploration, students and educators will learn about the methodology for taking an idea from design through to the review process. Throughout the experience, students will acquire key 21st century skills necessary for success in a highly connected, global society.

    Disclaimer – participation in this workshop does not guarantee a winning design.


    Powering Exploration, Discovery and Innovation

    Want well-rounded educators that can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their classrooms? This comprehensive institute synthesizes all aspects of STE[A]M together to allow teachers to add to their instructional toolbox along with increasing their breadth and depth of cross-discipline knowledge.

    Using a project-based learning approach to provide context and continuity, educators will attend seminars, concurrent and topic-specific break out sessions and workshops including but not limited to:

  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Do You See What I Mean?
  • Unleash Your Creative Beast
  • Extreme Habitat Makeover
  • Language Arts and Gaming in the Classroom
  • Mission: Explore It!
  • Building Technology without Technology
  • Totally! Your Classroom
  • One Size Fits Each
  • All the activities and projects in which teachers participate can be easily adapted for primary through high school students in a range of courses or classes. In addition, every educator will receive a class set of Qbulz with the Educator Resource Guide, an idoodlelearning Ingenuity Kit, a one year access to the premium version of the idoodlegenerator web-based app, and a binder chock full of activities and printables – a $225 value.

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