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I have had the opportunity to participate in many workshops, but never in my experience have I seen such attention to detail. It seemed that all possible outcomes were anticipated and a plan ready… Well Done!!!!


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Educational Technology

Integrating educational technology into instructional design and practice can be intimidating and overwhelming. Steep learning curves and intense training often accompany many educational programs and apps. We’ve designed our apps to provide simple, inexpensive web-based solutions for ease of use with any course or class. Our workshop sessions provide a lively atmosphere in which to quickly learn the technology and begin designing ways to integrate these powerful and creative tools into instruction.



Learning is a social process. And we all know how social students are! We also know that collaboration is a powerful and effective learning process. Yet sometimes not every student is heard or gets a “voice.” Totally! Your App is a completely unique project and collaboration tool designed specifically for student and classroom use to provide everyone a creative platform for communication and digital media products.

Educators will learn how to use and incorporate a safe and secure, web-based collaboration environment into their classrooms that helps build pro-social communication skills and lets all students’ creativity evolve and be recognized. In addition, educators learn to design classroom or school-wide projects within the app in and how to monitor and track the students’ interactions and progress.


Differentiation – if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. It takes time, creativity, and energy to design differentiated activities or learning experiences. However, adapting instruction to meet the individual needs of students is the right thing to do.

Through this workshop session, we’ll equip teachers with a flexible and adaptable web-based tool, the idoodlegenerator™. With this simple yet powerful app, educators will learn to design and deliver clever and imaginative differentiated experiences to bolster student-centered learning that they can store on the Cloud to use repeatedly.


From education presentations for a flipped classroom to “pitch” videos for a crowdfunding site, viewers want the same things – information conveyed to them clearly, in an engaging or entertaining way, and in the shortest amount of time possible.

In this workshop, educators are guided through the process of using readily available, inexpensive or open-source tools to create videos. Skills such as storyboarding, script writing, voice overs, creating animations, along with audio and video editing are taught and applied to create a series of videos. Everyone can be creative, they just need right tools, instruction and skills!

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