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Who Is idoodle?

We believe everyone has creativity in them.

We are a trailblazing and tenacious group of problem solvers, change agents, designers and visionaries on a quest to bring creativity and enjoyment back to teaching and learning. Our mission is to help students embrace their curiosity, develop logical and methodical thought, engage in creative problem solving, and experience the joy of learning something new that ignites their imaginations and fuels their determination for success.

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Not What Everyone Else Does!

We build learning experiences. For students or educators, our leading-edge products enable teaching and learning through the exploration and discovery of knowledge. Our hands-on tools, programs, curriculum and applications provide exciting, meaningful and authentic learning experiences in and out of classrooms around the world.

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We are committed to nurturing educators' and students' growth as
individuals who never lose that wonder for exploration, knowledge and discovery.

Students crave robust and meaningful learning experiences. During instruction, they want to know, "how am I ever going to use this in the real-world?" Our suite of products and programs are specifically designed to engage students' minds and provide them with what they want - to gain skills and knowledge to help get them ahead in the world.


In an educational world driven by assessments and accountability, teaching and learning can become a job instead of a passion. We want to give educators options and tools that enable them to deliver instruction and content in ways that make the classroom an inspiring and thought-provoking learning space again!


A community is a living growing thing that needs nurturing and care. Education is the cornerstone for that growth. For only with the educated mind can good solid decisions be made, and new companies be built, and jobs be created. We are committed to helping students become positive contributors and integral parts of their community.

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